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Sharpstone is a family run business with extensive knowledge of Quartz Worktops, Granite Worktops and Marble Worktops. Sharpstone have been supplying and installing luxury worktops for many years.

It is frequently claimed that the hardest working tool in any kitchen is the worktop! We agree with this as the worktop gets exposed to all sorts of food, liquid spills, hot pans as well as being subjected to countless knocks during its lifetime. So kitchen worktops need to be robust and able to withstand life in a busy kitchen. The kitchen can also be the messiest place in the home too, so easy cleaning is also a very important consideration when planning what type of work surface you need.

So now the practical side of things is taken care of, what about style? Trends, fashions and fads do tend to come and go, but there are some materials when it comes to kitchen worktops that have remained favourites for many years. When you consider that maybe a quarter of the total kitchen cost could be taken up by the worktop material, the selected surface plays a very important role in the overall look of the finished kitchen. This is why so many home owners start to plan a new kitchen around the work surface.

Essentially, our customers want to pick a very robust and long lasting, functional and easy to maintain and clean worktop material that is also beautiful to look at. They want a work top that is able to transform their kitchen space from just somewhere food is prepared, to an extension of their living space where they want to spend time even when they are not cooking.

Although there are more than a dozen or so choices of material available on the market for kitchen work tops, we have a genuine passion for quartz, granite and marble.

A little Hertford history

Maybe the first mention of Hertford was in 673 A.D.: the first synod of a number of the bishops in England was held either in Hertford or at Hartford, Cambridgeshire. It was called by Theodore of Tarsus; decisions included the calculation of the date of Easter. In 912 AD, Edward the Elder built two earthwork fortifications close by the ford over the River Lea as a defence against Danish incursions. By the time of the Domesday Book, Hertford had two churches, two markets and three mills. The Normans began work on Hertford Castle, and Hertford Priory was founded by Ralph de Limesy. King Henry II rebuilt the castle in stone, but in 1216, during the First Barons War, it was besieged and captured after 25 days by Prince Louis of France. The castle was regularly visited by English royalty and in 1358, Queen Isabella, wife of Edward II, died there. The priory was dissolved in 1536 and subsequently demolished and in 1563, the Parliament of England met at the castle because of an outbreak of plague in London. Hertford grew and prospered as a market and county town; communication was improved by the construction of the Lea Navigation Canal in 1767 and the arrival of the railway in 1843.

Edges and profiles of our luxury quartz, granite and marble worktops for the Hertford area

Double pencil
Half bull nose
Full bull nose

All edges and thicknesses of worktops can be combined to produce different profiles, some of which are:

Birds beak
Disguised joint
Dupont over pencil
Ogee over pencil

Grooves for drainers for your Hertford kitchen

We are all familiar with the standard pattern that sink drainers have. Even something as simple as that can add to the overall aesthetic of your quartz, granite or marble worktop, thus giving you a look that will compliment any kitchen design. These patterns are crafted into the worktop itself and the patterns we offer are:

Dog legged

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