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Sharpstone is a family run business with extensive knowledge of Quartz Worktops, Granite Worktops and Marble Worktops. Sharpstone have been supplying and installing luxury worktops for many years.

If you are looking to create a really classic feel to your kitchen or bathroom, then there is no better way than with our premium quality granite, quartz or marble worktops. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a contemporary finish in an up to the minute modern kitchen or something just a little more traditional, our stone worktops will fit the bill and we have a wide selection of granite, quartz and marble worktops to suit all tastes and all styles of kitchens.

One of the real benefits of having a granite, marble or quartz worktop installed by us, is that you will be confident that you will be dealing with a professional company that only supply the best quality stone work surfaces. We strive for complete customer satisfaction by providing our customers with genuine value for money, robust and long lived products and an absolutely stunning finish using the latest technology for cutting and polishing our quartz, marble and granite.

Our quartz, marble and granite worktop range, consists of a huge range of colours and patterns, providing natural stone worktops that are an incredibly hardwearing, durable and versatile solution for worktops in your kitchen, bathroom, toilet or utility room.

Nothing else on the market comes close to stone products in a kitchen. Our work surfaces offer the natural choice. They are beautiful, very hardwearing and will add value to any property. Other work surface materials are often made to look like quartz, marble or garanite, but the real deal simply cannot be beaten. So why not take the plunge and make the decision to improve your home with one of our stone work surfaces, they really are an investment for the future.

A little St Albans history

The Roman city of Verulamium, the second largest town in Roman Britain after Londinium, developed from the Celtic settlement and was granted the rank of municipium around AD 50, meaning that its citizens had what were known as Latin Rights, a lesser citizenship status than a colonia possessed. It grew to a significant town, and as such received the attentions of Boudica of the Iceni in 61, when Verulamium was sacked and burnt on her orders: archaeologists have recorded a black ash layer, thus confirming the Roman written record. It grew steadily; by the early 3rd century, it covered an area of about 125 acres, behind a deep ditch and wall. Verulamium contained a forum, basilica and a theatre, much of which were damaged during two fires, one in 155 and the other in around 250. One of the few extant Roman inscriptions in Britain is found on the remnants of the forum. The town was rebuilt in stone rather than timber at least twice over the next 150 years. Occupation by the Romans ended between 400 and 450.

The body of St Alban was probably buried outside the city walls in a Roman cemetery near the present cathedral. His hillside grave became a place of pilgrimage. Recent investigation has uncovered a basilica there, indicating the oldest continuous site of Christian worship in Great Britain. In 429 Germanus of Auxerre visited the church and subsequently promoted the cult of St Alban.

A few traces of the Roman city remain visible, such as parts of the city walls, a hypocaust, still in situ under a mosaic floor, and the theatre, which is on land belonging to the Earl of Verulam, as well as items in the museum. More remains under the nearby agricultural land have never been excavated and were for a while seriously threatened by deep ploughing.

Edges and profiles of our luxury quartz, granite and marble worktops for the St Albans area

Double pencil
Half bull nose
Full bull nose

All edges and thicknesses of worktops can be combined to produce different profiles, some of which are:

Birds beak
Disguised joint
Dupont over pencil
Ogee over pencil

Grooves for drainers for your St Albans kitchen

We are all familiar with the standard pattern that sink drainers have. Even something as simple as that can add to the overall aesthetic of your quartz, granite or marble worktop, thus giving you a look that will compliment any kitchen design. These patterns are crafted into the worktop itself and the patterns we offer are:

Dog legged

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