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Sharpstone is a family run business with extensive knowledge of Quartz Worktops, Granite Worktops and Marble Worktops. Sharpstone have been supplying and installing luxury worktops for many years.

Marble, Granite and Quartz: A comparison

Marble has been a real favourite kitchen work top material for many years, it would be reasonable to suggest that marble work surfaces are rarely out of fashion. Marble demonstrates a classic elegance and delivers a very high quality look to any interior design. Although mostly known for being white, marble is also available in greens, greys and blacks, the patterns tend to range from high contrast and clearly defined veins to a far more subtle and understated pattern.

Marble is relatively soft, which can make it susceptible to scratching, chipping and cracks should it be struck harshly. Marble is also porous, which can make staining an issue. Some everyday ingredients used in cooking could stain your marble tops and some harsher cleaning products can sometimes make matters worse. Owing to marble being porous in nature, it could house bacteria, but fortunately it can be periodically sealed to reduce this becoming a problem.

Granite is used more often as a material for modern kitchen counter tops than marble, and is not as porous either, but should still be sealed to prevent stains and bacteria build up. Granite is harder than marble, thus more durable in a busy kitchen. Each slab of granite is unique and can vary in appearance, that really is part of the natural beauty of this stone product.

Quartz is one of the fastest growing materials used for kitchen worktops. With a high quality surface of over ninety per cent natural quartz, quartz is one of natures hardest materials, this makes the worktop very tough indeed. Quartz is scratch resistant and virtually non-porous. Quartz worktops rarely have issues with staining. Because of its non-porous properties, sealing is not required, keeping it a good choice from a hygiene point of view.

A little Welwyn Garden City history

Welwyn Garden City was founded by Sir Ebenezer Howard in 1920 following his previous experiment in Letchworth Garden City. Howard had called for the creation of planned towns that were to combine the benefits of the city and the countryside and to avoid the disadvantages of both. Welwyn Garden City was intended to be a town designed for healthy living and industry of a size that makes possible a full measure of social life but not larger, surrounded by a rural belt; the whole of the land being in public ownership, or held in trust for the community.

In 1919, Howard arranged for the purchase of land in Hertfordshire that had already been identified as a suitable site. On 29 April 1920 a company, Welwyn Garden City Limited, was formed to plan and build the garden city, chaired by Sir Theodore Chambers. Louis de Soissons was appointed as architect and town planner, C.B Purdom as finance director and Frederic Osborn as secretary. The first house was occupied just before Christmas 1920.

Welwyn Garden City is laid out along tree lined boulevards with a neo Georgian town centre. It has its own environmental protection legislation, the Scheme of Management for Welwyn Garden City. Every road has a wide grass verge. The spine of the town is Parkway, a central mall or scenic parkway, almost a mile long. The view along Parkway to the south was once described as one of the worlds finest urban vistas. Older houses are on the west side of Parkway and newer houses on the east side.

Edges and profiles of our luxury quartz, granite and marble worktops for the Welwyn Garden City area

Double pencil
Half bull nose
Full bull nose

All edges and thicknesses of worktops can be combined to produce different profiles, some of which are:

Birds beak
Disguised joint
Dupont over pencil
Ogee over pencil

Grooves for drainers for your Welwyn Garden City kitchen

We are all familiar with the standard pattern that sink drainers have. Even something as simple as that can add to the overall aesthetic of your quartz, granite or marble worktop, thus giving you a look that will compliment any kitchen design. These patterns are crafted into the worktop itself and the patterns we offer are:

Dog legged

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