Drainer Grooves

Drainer Grooves for Granite, Marble and Quartz Worktops

Drainage Grooves

Drainer grooves are a popular choice these days for those after a minimalist kitchen work surface. The implementation involves carving a draining area directly into your new quartz, granite or marble kitchen worktop.

Drainer grooves stop the water from creeping along the counter top, getting the surface wet and eventually dripping onto your kitchen floor. By the inclusion of subtle grooves, water channels along the drainage area and lands into the sink.

The position, length and pattern can be selected by you to suit your needs. There are a few options when it comes to customisation – you can also decide whether you want them on the left or right side of your sink (or on both sides).

Take a look through various drainage grooves we offer below. Want a design which we haven’t listed or something unique? Please contact us, we can accommodate for your needs.


Straight Drainage Grooves


Fanned Drainage Grooves


Fishbone Drainage Grooves


Horseshoe Drainage Grooves


Wavy Drainage Grooves


Lightning Drainage Grooves

Dog Leg

Dog Legged Drainage Grooves


Curve Drainage Grooves